How to Get Free Xbox 360 Games

In order to get free Xbox 360 games, you don’t need to engage in nefarious activities or illegal downloads to play your favorite games for free. There are a lot of free games in the games marketplace of Xbox that you can enjoy and play legally. The variety is astounding and is completely free. If you want to get free Xbox 360 games, follow these steps –


Visit the Home Page – Start by going to the home page.


Go to Games Menu – When you visit your Xbox 360 menu, you will see the Games section on the top tab.


Go to Games Marketplace – In the games menu, you will come across the ‘Games Marketplace’. It has a variety of games including Featured Games. You can use the ‘Browse Games’ tab to browse through the selection available to you. In the Browse Games section, the games would be divided into categories. This is the paid section where you can purchase games. Featured games are those that are new. Indie games refer to games by independent developers. Arcade games are low priced small games. You have another option of browsing – you can either go by popularity or by genre. All available games can also be browsed in the alphabetical order, from A to Z.


Click on Demos – You want to click on ‘Demos’ if you want to get free Xbox 360 games. Here, like the Browse Games tab, you will see various game categories like Arcade, Indie, et al. You can visit ‘Other Games’ and look at the genres there as well. The browsing choices are similar to those mentioned in the previous step.


Check the Available Space – The hard drive of your Xbox 360 must have enough space to store your game. Go to the details page by pressing the Guide button and opening the main menu. Go to your Settings menu and click on ‘System Settings’. When you click on ‘Storage’, you would be taken to the page where the available space is displayed to you.


Select Your Game – Who doesn’t love free games like Mobile Legends? You can also find your free games on your Xbox 360 the same way! After you have browsed and decided on which game you want to download, select that game. You need to click on ‘Free download’ to download the game. Some demos are often as big as the actual game and this is why checking the space in your hard disk, as mentioned in the previous step, is so important.


Wait for Your Game to Download – After you start the download, it would finish depending on the speed on your connection. If you like the demo version of the game that you have downloaded, you can get the full version by purchasing the game later. The demos have enough substance in them to tell you about the game and its strategies.


When the download finishes, you will get a notification. It is possible to shut off the Xbox 360 when the game is downloaded. When you restart, the downloading would resume from where it was left off. After that, you can play your free Xbox 360 game.