How to Control your Online Presence

With so much happening online, you cannot be safe anymore. Your personal information and private data could easily be stolen and used against you. Cyber crimes, bullying, and phishing are becoming widespread. The secret to successful online experience is to control your online presence.

Don’t Click

You can still actually control your online activities and your presence in the cyberspace by being careful not to click any link you receive. You may have noticed that even your personal emails may contain words or phrases with hyperlinks. If you are not sure of where those links will lead you, don’t you ever click it. Remember, that one second you spend on clicking may destroy your files, your operating system or even your own reputation. Some of these links may contain viruses or spam.

Log Out

Make sure you log out every account especially ones that contain your banking details. Many people have suffered financial losses because their credit and debit cards have been hacked. Logging out and clearing your browsing history would be very helpful in protecting your online accounts. In addition, you must regularly change your password and make sure these passwords are not predictable or related to your personal information such as birthday, nickname and related data.

Be Wise

Trust your instincts. If you feel the hunch that your data may be compromised, log out or turn off your device. It would also be wise to keep your location in private. You can install VPNs that will not lead to your location. A number of crimes have happened because online users are not careful to conceal their exact address or location.

Avoid Syncing

You will notice that whenever you log in to your account in one device, the search engine will send a prompt for you to sync your accounts. Avoid syncing when you are using multiple devices especially when other users may use such devices. This is one of the reasons why some accounts are hacked; a user may have forgotten to log out of his or her account and his or her accounts have been synched illegally.

Try Incognito

Finally, if you do not necessarily have to log in to any account, try going incognito. In this way, your browsing will be kept private. This is applicable when you are doing some research on public computers or if you are searching for an item to buy or news to read.