Has the Internet Reached Mars?

We have been so busy with our respective lives and our own smartphones that we missed a lot of happenings around us. We may have played card games together in the past and now no one seems to care whatever everyone else is doing because we have found a new addiction aside from those funĀ unblocked games.

Nothing is Impossible

Nowadays, we cannot tell who our real friends are. We don’t talk much with people anymore because we are all busy with our virtual world that we visit every now and then. Have you stopped and think: What if the friends we have online are not humans at all? What if we realize one day that we are chatting Martians instead of humans? With today’s technology, nothing is impossible anymore. The Internet may have reached Mars without our noticing it.

Silent Intruder

When was the last time you spent a day without your smartphone? When was the last time you did not go online? This internet we so love and could not live without has just entered our lives without making a noise. With about 4.2 billion people who are now actively using online resources and applications, who would believe that the internet will be gone like a fad that will soon fade? No one, right?

The Internet Connection

The internet connection is the most complex system that has ever crossed the human existence. The interlocking and interconnections that the worldwide web has allowed to grow seem uncontrollable now. Even in countries where some social media sites are blocked such as in China and North Korea, certain VPNs can still be installed and connections are no longer restricted.

The Future is Here

No one may have predicted the kind of lifestyle we now have. Indeed the future, the incredible future, is here and we did not notice that it would be this complicated. The world has shrunk within our fingertips and we can now travel the world in our palms. Actually, we may now be traversing the universe through the internet and chatting with Martians without our knowledge.

Communicating with Aliens

Did you ever care if we are actually interacting online with other planets such as Mars? What if you will discover one day that you are no longer friends with humans but with Martians?