Artificial Intelligence Vs. the Human Mind

Even before the foundation of technology; when human beings were using primitive ways to survive, the human mind was already in control of everything on earth. In recent times, humans created the so-called Artificial Intelligence – a mind that is almost perfect in every dimension.

However, the question remains: Will AI be successfully controlling human affairs eventually?

The Complexity of the Human Mind

Despite the many pieces of research done in understanding the human mind, not one of these can fully explain the complex processes it goes through every single minute. For instance, the concept of coma and amnesia. Why does a human being go through these conditions when in trauma or sudden change physiologically or psychology? If a robot is broken, it malfunctions and it could still be repaired or replaced. The human brain, if broken, can no longer be restored to its original condition.

The Mystery of Life

The notion of Artificial Intelligence may have been conceived because of man’s search for perfection. There is a need for someone or something to get things perfectly done or for things to be successfully excellent in all aspects. This perfection can never be found in one person, hence, the AI. However, there is more to physical existence: the so-called life. No one can duplicate human life. Once the heart stops, the brain will follow.

Multiple Intelligences

Meanwhile, what about the notion of multiple intelligences? You may have watched Sophia, the AI robot, on videos uploaded online. She looks so human and could even smile and express humor, but she is still incomplete in the sense that she does not exhibit all the other intelligence. Well, scientists may say there is still room for improvement, but how long will it take to make the perfect AI?

The Future of Mankind

Finally, the future of mankind remains subjective to what humans can achieve in the near future in relation to AI. One can just foresee people working less and being served by robots more. There may be no need for more vegetation then as technology may have covered the earth. If ever that time comes, no one can surely predict as of now.